History: Tuva (Tyva) Republic, 6100 khz & 13630 khz

 Tyva Republic, autonomous subject of the Russian Federation

Tuva or Tyva or Tuvan Peoples Republic or Tannu-Tuva was between 1921 and 1944 an own state under the eyes and acknowledge of Russia and Mongolia. It lies in Southern Siberia, with the capital Kyzyl. Then was the Region part of the USSR as "autonomous Oblast", ruled between 1944 until 1973 by First Secretary (of the Tuvan Communist Party) Salchak Toka.-- 2/3 of the Tuva people still adheres to Buddhism.

The single 1 kW-Shortwave Transmitter of former Local "Kyzyl Radio" was after the year 2001 used for programes of "Radio Rossii". Shortwave transmitting was later canceled at 31th December 2013.

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