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Legend: R = Radio, IS= Interval Signal, ID= Identify, Sce=Service, px=Program, Tx= Transmitter

BC = Broadcasting. General note: all the stations listened by me, partially via Web-SDR, but most Audio is from collegues

I recommend for safe storage of Audio-files: a) b)

TA= Time, NA= National Anthem, HS= Home Sce., GS= General Sce, PR=Peoples Republic, nx= news

PBS= Peoples Broadc. Station, mx= music, Dt.=German, E.=English px, S.= Spanish program

RN= Radio Nacional, Ital.= Italian Language, AWR= Adventist World Radio, rel.=religious, TWR = Trans World Radio

ut = UTC = Coordinated World Time -- VoA = Voice of America, CRI = China Radio International, REE = Radio Exterior

Espana, RFI = Radio France International, SBA = Saudi Broadc. Authority