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Legend: R = Radio, IS= Interval Signal, ID= Identify, Sce=Service, px=Program, Tx= Transmitter

BC = Broadcasting. General note: all the stations listened by me, partially via Web-SDR, but most Audio is from collegues

I recommend for safe storage of Audio-files: a) b)

TA= Time, NA= National Anthem, HS= Home Sce., GS= General Sce, PR=Peoples Republic, nx= news

PBS= Peoples Broadc. Station, mx= music, Dt.=German, E.=English px, S.= Spanish program

RN= Radio Nacional, Ital.= Italian Language, AWR= Adventist World Radio, rel.=religious, TWR = Trans World Radio

ut = UTC = Coordinated World Time -- VoA = Voice of America, CRI = China Radio International, REE = Radio Exterior

Espana, RFI = Radio France International, SBA = Saudi Broadc. Authority

Historic Logbook

  COUNTRY           STATION             FREQUENCY          DETAIL                 Link
AfghanistanVoice of Sharia7200 khzIdentclick
V.o. Justice (Tolisstoni R.)9677 khzQSLclick
BelizeZIK2 Belize3285 khzQSLclick
BhutanR. NYAB5025 khzNational Youth Assoc. Bhutanclick
MyanmarBurmese Army Radio 6570 khz,
5770 khz 
CambodiaR.National Kampuchea918 khz
6090 khz
Tx Phnom Penhclick
Sri LankaDeutsche Welle17800 khzRelayclick
LiberiaE L W A4760 khzInterval Signalclick
BonaireR Netherlands6165 khzInterval Signalclick
Haiti Voix-de-la-Revolution D.5905 khzRadio of Duvalieriste'sclick
Congo, Rep. Voix-de-la-Revolution4765 khz  // 5985 khzBrazzavilleclick
 Somalia Radio Mogadiscio6105 khzItalian IDclick
EthiopiaETLF15190 khzVoice of the Gospelclick
Cook IslandsR Rarotonga5050 khzw. English IDclick