part of an alltime Logbook worldwide (partially on behalf of Web-SDR)

Legend:  R = Radio, IS= Interval Signal, ID= Identify, Sce=Service, px=Program, Tx= Transmitter
*= all rights by DK8OK Nils. General note: the stations listened by me, but Audio is from collegues
   I recommend for safe storage of Audio-files: a)  b)  
TA= Time, NA= National Anthem, HS= Home Sce., GS= General Sce, PR=Peoples Republic
PBS= Peoples Broadc. Station, mx= music, Dt.=Deutsch, E.=English px, S.= Spanish program
RN= Radio Nacional, Ital.= Italian Language, AWR= Adventist World Radio, rel.=religious

  COUNTRY           STATION             FREQUENCY          DETAIL                 AUDIO
China,PRBeijing PBS603 khzCapital
MaldivesV.o.Maldives1449 khzEngl. Id "Male"click
New Zealand RNZI5950 khzIS, IDclick
BoliviaMosoj Chaski R3310 khzIDclick
NigeriaV.o.Nigeria15120 khzIS,ID, E-pxclick
U.K.R Caroline 648648 khztyp. px-end, IDclick
USAWRNO7505 khzIDclick
MelillaRNE972 khzMelilla IDclick
China,PRR Kitaya1521 khzIS, IDclick *
Iran IRIB1512 khzHSclick
China,PRXinjiang PBS1494 khzTAclick *
IranIRIB1467 khzFarsi mxclick
UKNHK Japan11835 khzID, Dt.pxclick
UKPanjab R1584 khzHindi, IDclick *
AlaskaKNLS6120 khzISclick
AlbaniaR Tirana7465 khzIS, ID
AlgeriaR Algiers5940 khzID in
ArgentinaR A E9690 khzID, ISclick
ArmeniaTWR9910 khzHindi mxclick
AustriaRÖI6155 khzDt. IDclick
BangladeshB.Betar4750 khzHS, IDclick
UK - RelayR Vlaanderen9590 khzDt.,ID,ISclick
BrasilRN15280 khzIS, ID
CambodiaNational Radio11940 khzID in Khmerclick
Costa RicaAWR9725 khzID, relig.pxclick
GuamKTWR15390 khzrelig.pxclick
Korea,D.PRVoice of Korea15245 khzE. newsclick
Kuwait RelayAfia Dafur12040 khzpx f. Sudanclick
USAWINB9265 khzrelig. mxclick
ZanzibarZBC11735 khztypical mxclick
KirgisiaKyrgyz Radio4010 khzpx-startclick
CambodiaVoice of Khmer17860 khzM Chas Srokclick
CubaRHC6000 khzIS, IDclick
Cuba RHC11670 khzS. pxclick
MadagascarR Dabanga15150 khzpx f. Sudanclick
EthiopiaFANA R.6110 khzAmharic mxclick
USAOvercomer Min.7730 khzrelig. pxclick
UgandaR Uganda4976 khzKampala Txclick
GreeceOlympia R17341 khzMaritime
ThailandR Thailand9390 khzHSK9, ISclick